What Sky Gate offers ?

We offer services that establish an Avenue to the Stars!

Film & TV Production


Video is your customized platform to talk to your target audience. This is your opportunity to capture people’s minds and deliver your idea no matter what it is.

Imagine this; you’ve been granted a unique chance to introduce yourself to everyone you have always wanted to talk to, what would you say? How would you seize an audience who is distracted with a combination of electronics and bombarded by myriads of thoughts, messages, and content per second?
In an era of superfluous content, we do all the thinking on your behalf to ensure your video finds its special place amid a crowded media stage, where it could attract the right attention.

We listen to you, initiate a conversation, build a proposition and then come up with a format complementing the content you want to highlight. We take care of your video throughout the entire production process.


Media Trainings


What if you want to learn how to make up your own video? What if you want to venture into the world of cinema but you don’t know where to start or where to get the proper training? You also come to Sky Gate.

We offer you, as an individual or as a corporate, world-class training courses or custom-made workshops that cover all aspects of media production.

Whether you would like to learn about scripting, directing, producing, lighting, editing, make-up or even acting and management of a media project, we provide some of the best-in-the-industry trainers and instructors who bring to the room not only theory, but hands-on experience as well.

Media Training

Media Consultancy


Sky Gate offers consultancy services for those who would like to launch a new business idea in the field of media.We help launching new TV channels, new TV or mass-media programs, and live media events.

Our support encompasses initial phases of planning and budgeting all the way up to implementation and project management until delivery and operation.


Social Media Consultancy


Whether it’s your entire social media mix from brand building, public awareness campaigns to creating and maintaining corporate social media accounts or just a small-scale social media plan to engage your potential business prospects, Sky Gate Media has a well-defined, market-tested process for working with clients on award-winning social strategies. We build a road-map for success aligning audience, objectives, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.

Our consulting practice works collaboratively with your in-house social media team to develop an overarching strategic direction and measurement plan up front. Then, we’re here to support you for the long haul, helping you apply and stay accountable to that strategy in an ever-changing space.


Events Management


Sky Gate designs and implements live media and corporate events.

Our connections with press and suppliers as well as our extensive and accurate database of key contacts enable us to tailor the event you are looking for, regardless of scale or specific requirements. As the region buzzes with all kinds of activities, our top-notch creative functions featuring unique content enable us to standout.

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