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How Brands Can Communicate Through Emojis

POSTED ON September 19th  - POSTED IN Articles, Social Media

Emojis…who doesn’t use them?

An emoji is basically a picture character we all use to describe our current situation or mood in regards to people’s posts, reactions, videos, etc… Recently, brands have started to use them as well. Today we see them in our Gmail inbox, on Twitter, in our Facebook feeds, in Snapchat images, on school backpacks…everywhere!
A great way for your brand to communicate with your circles or customers is to use emojis! Brands like BudweiserOreo, and even PETA have been using emojis in their daily content. With Twitter now allowing emojis to be viewed on mobile and desktop, brands are capitalizing on them, and they are doing it well. Check out Emoji Tracker to see which emojis are trending on Twitter to further reach your customers.
For example, the “Heart” emoji is now basically used everywhere to express how you love someone or something! On the contrary, the emoji of the “Laughing yet crying” smiley is widely used instead of “lol” or “this is so funny” or “i’m dying of laughter” !
This is a link to the most used emojis on instagram as of June 2015:
What are your favorite emojis? Let us know what you think!

4 Instagram trends you need to know

POSTED ON September 12th  - POSTED IN Articles, Social Media

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now and some of the trends that applies to Instagram are highly used by everyone either on a personal or business level such as lifestyle, health and fitness content; relevant hashtags and videos! There are a few more trends which we will discuss in the article below.

  1. Higher Quality Images: the community values photos that are seen as “home-made” rather than too professional or too amateur so be careful what pictures you upload and how you portray them.
  2. Use objects to tell a story: Creativity is celebrated on Instagram. When brands present their products in interesting or unusual scenarios—whether it’s dressing them up, using them to represent different objects or illustrating a scene—it is more likely to draw attention
  3. Encouraging people to tag their friends: commenting with a friend’s handle on a photo you think they might find interesting, entertaining or relatable could be considered the equivalent of sharing a Facebook post on a friend’s wall. It’s how people on Instagram say, “Check this out!” A good way to take advantage of this is to include a call to action that encourages people to tag their friends
  4. Hashtag Emojis: a hashtag emoji provides brands with a concise way to join conversations that are already occurring on the platform for example if you are a media company you can hashtag the camera emoji and so on!

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"UAE Weather" YouTube Channel: the result of cooperation between Sky Gate and the Government entities in the UAE

POSTED ON September 10th  - POSTED IN News

In line with the aspirations of the UAE at the highest ranks of excellence at all levels in the fields, the news of the launch of the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology’s YouTube Channel made top headlines in the most important and local Newspapers in the UAE in addition to different national and international websites.

The “UAE Weather Channel” is the first of its kind in the Arab world exclusively using the platform to engage the community, especially its youth, and raise awareness from a wide range and variety of programs which discuss the weather in different aspects.

Behind the success of the YouTube Channel comes a huge team of professionals at Sky Gate Media embracing positive cooperation between them and the government institutions in the UAE.

In terms of the company’s faith in the importance of cooperation, Sky Gate always aims for institutional and leadership excellence at different state and governmental levels to strengthen the role of the government institutions in the service of all segments of society

3 Things about Instagram’s New Update

POSTED ON September 4th  - POSTED IN Articles, Social Media

Instagram is the photography and social media application that everyone uses; either on a personal or business level, or sometimes even both. They recently updated its application and now it is more user-friendly and feasible to work with. Here are 3 things about Instagram’s new update.

  1. There are Two New Formats: Instagram announced that the app’s new features allow users to upload their content in full size (landscape or portrait format) as well as the original square. You can find the “format” button above the camera roll in the app when you upload a photo or video.
  2. It’s Good for Users: Instagram said that nearly one in five pictures currently posted to the app is not in square format. Apps like Squareready, no crop for instagram, and others have been attempting to fix this problem for a while, but since instagram now has the built-in ability to tailor format the picture; this will make the app much easier to use.
  3. It’s Great for Video: With the addition of landscape orientation, videos can now stream in widescreen without the use of an external application like instashot. This allows both users and brands to be more creative and cinematic in their video uploads. Without the previously enforced cropping, a whole new world of video is now available to Instagram.

What do you think about the new Instagram image and video formats? Share your ideas below! 

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Hitman Movie Review

POSTED ON August 29th  - POSTED IN Movie Reviews
Hitman, the remake of the original action movie, in our opinions is a good movie to watch. The official release of it was this past Thursday the 27th of August 2015 across all cinemas in the UAE.
An action, spy, adrenaline rush movie is how we can explain it best. It basically talks about an assassin (Agent 47) who teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry.
The estimated budget spent on making this movie was totalled to be around 35 million dollars, but the gross revenue only got them 11 million dollars.
As per imdb rating, the movie fot 5.7 which is fair enough as it is definitely incomparable to the hitman game series that is far more exciting!
It’s a good movie to watch but don’t have high expectations (especially if you play the game) as a lot of factorsare quite missing.
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