5 Social Media Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

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While there many non-profits that understand the fundamentals of social media, most do not take full advantage of increasing interaction. It’s important to post good content on your Facebook page, start conversations on Twitter, create images like infographics and photography, and many more.
Here are 5 tips for how to promote your non-profit organization through social media.
1. Post issue-centric content: don’t just use social mediato announce events and post about them.. use it also to raise awareness amongst the community.
2. Start a conversation with a question to get more engagement on all your platforms
3. Visual storytelling: adding pictures and videos to your posts will increase engagement and grab attention amongst your community and target audience… use it wisely!
4. Collaborations: connect with like minded people to increase your awareness. Sometimes people can tell the story better than the organization itself which will increase engagement
5. Show appreciation: thank your supporters, donners and the community helping you. This will give them a sense of appreciation and therefore they will increase your traffic.

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